The dachshund (UK /?dæks?nd/ or US /?d??ksh?nt/ DAHKS-huunt or US /?d??ks?nt/;) is a short-legged, long-bodied dog breed belonging to the hound family.

The standard size dachshund was bred to scent, chase, and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, while the miniature dachshund was developed to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits.

In the American West they have also been used to hunt prairie dogs.

Training a Dachshund needs one to be fully aware of the dog’s physical structure. As Dachshunds are quite distinctive from their fellow canines, they have a long body shape and short legs and belong to the hound family. Introduced to America in the 19th century, Dachshunds are favorite dog breeds today around the world.

These little wiener dogs are quite independent and one needs to be really patient while training them. As dogs are known to be man’s best friend, Training a Dachshund will require proper training techniques, as slip-ups can lead to grievous Dachshund training.

Start Training a Dachshund with a right schedule that gives your pet plenty of physical exercise. A proper training session will be appropriate if only if your dog starts getting trained from the basics. Start-off from the basic commands such as sit, stay, down and so on. Remember to maintain a consistent method of teaching your pet and always use one word commands. Use clickers as Dachshunds aren’t great with their hearing skills, clicker training will make it react fast.

Though Dachshunds are little stubborn initially, never punish them physically or verbally. Keep the training sessions very short, and a timely break in between is highly recommended. Finally, Training a Dachshund needs to be full-on fun affair, make it interesting, after all Training a Dachshund is the best way to bond with it.

Today, they are bred for conformation shows and as family pets. Some dachshund participate in earthdog trials. According to the AKC, the dachshund continues to remain one of the top 10 dog breeds in the United States.